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Create, customize your overlay and display on-stream live notifications

Real-time Dashboard
Monitor, search & replay Events
Overlay Editor
Manage Overlays & customizable Widgets
Exclusive Widgets
Fun & engaging Widgets, much more to come!

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Who am I?

My name is Michel alias michgeek on Twitch, I am a 30 years old French guy with a Vietnamese background from Lyon France living in Melbourne Australia. I am a serious geek, gamer, professional web developper and more recently dad!

Is it free?

Yes. It is free and it will remain free. However people who are supporting me with monthly donation via Patreon will receive some extra features such as Premium Widgets.

Will you add more widgets and customization options?


The number of widgets will grow slowly in order to ensure the best code quality and stability. I will add more options like custom positionning, fonts, colors, animation and transition.

Will you support more third party services?

Sure! This service aim to be the reference for streaming overlays so it must be available for all streamers of any platform, I will add more services like Hitbox, Youtube Gaming, Livecoding and other popular streaming platform. New payment services will also be added, I am thinking about Paypal and Stripe.

How can I give you my support?

Any kind of support is appreciated! You can either show me your support by

What happened to the support of (former

I started streaming on and it was the first additional service streaming to get support despite the low interest. Unfortunatelly the platform is degrading, is not doing any updates of its public API. So due to the lack of communication and support from them, I decided not to continue supporting it. :(

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