The new version of Maelstream is coming! Check it out here!

Free custom overlays and alerts for streamers

Open Beta

All-in-one Dashboard

Never miss an event. Keep track of followers, subscribers, donations and cheers.

Skip, search, replay any alerts. Chat directly from the dashboard.

Fully customizable overlays

Drag and drop your widgets. Configure the fonts, colors and animations.

You can even drop your own custom CSS if you ever feel like a hacker.

Works with

OBS Project XSplit

Upcoming services


Real-time dashboard with events, stats and chat
Followers, subscribers, donations and cheers alerts
Fully customizable overlays and widgets
Dynamic backgrounds
Dynamic labels
Manage images and sounds
Connect multiple services

Upcoming features

Hosts alerts
Connect with Youtube and Facebook
More widgets: Goals, Poll, Jar, Lottery
Chat and Quiz bot
Tablet app
Streamdeck integration
More themes
Loyalty system

My name is michgeek and you can watch me code it, live!

Come say Hi! and watch me coding it live on Twitch

Tell me what you think and what new features you would like to see